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Who wins : Arsenal midfield vs Man united midfield ?

4-4-2 (Arsenal midfield)

Rosicky - Cesc Fabregas - Nasri - Theo Walcott

4-4-2 ( Man United midfield)

Nani - Scholes - Carrick - Anderson/Hargreaves

Ronalda will be leaving United this summer, so i don't know abou that Right wing position, United could fill it up with a new signing like Quaresma or Veloso.

Arsenal Or United whos midfield is stronger in your opinion ?

As an Arsenal fan i would def. say that Arsenal have the better mid. But there is a difference between experience and old/young players.
Man Utd have a strong midfield, whether Ronaldo being there or not. In this seasons FA cup Man Utd beat Arsenal without him.
But quality wise Arsenal. I do want us to buy players in the summer though.

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