Watt Hide

Do I have everything I need for a small Leopard Gecko?

My supplies:

10 gal. tank
Paper towel covering the bottom
Hiding place (rock, 2 pieces of bark and plant) on side w/o lamp.
Heat lamp(75 watt)
Hiding place on lamp side(artificial little house stuffed w/ paper towel.)
Water bowl
1 inch mealworms(calcium powder on them)
Several things to climb on.

Is this a good setup? Also, my gecko is eating very little. Why? He's not very active, but I assume that's because he's nocturnal.

You need a humid hide to help the little guy shed.
Simply a box of some description half filled with damp moss, vermiculite or paper towels with an entrance hole for him.

Wattage means absolutely nothing unless you have a thermometer. Get yourself a good digital one if you dont have one already. Temperature is very important to reptiles - he'll need a basking spot of 88 - 90F in the hot end, and about room temperature in the cool end.

Mealworms should NOT be the staple diet. They are not nutritionally balanced and contain very large amounts of chitin compared to 'meat'. The gecko so needs to eat more of these than it would something like crickets and the chitin (which is indigestible) builds up inside the gecko leading to impaction - just as risky and potentially life threatening as sand is, especially in younger animals.
Use crickets, roaches or locusts as the staple diet with waxworms and mealworms as treats.

Depending on how long you've had him, he may still be stressed from the move and still needs time completely alone (no handling at all) to settle in.
Other than that - even though he is nocturnal - he should not be sluggish or lethargic. If he is then you'll need to make sure his diet is correct (which right now it isnt) and make sure his temperatures are correct.

As the gecko grows you will have to get a larger enclosure. 10 gallons is not big enough for an adult leopard gecko to live happily


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