Total Recycled

Who would like to recycle for the environment and creat jobs for people?

i have an idea in recycling activity for groups to raise money .Whom do i present it too for responce .the activities would be driven by how much effort the grou decides to use in collecting the recyclable items.I would help them find markets for them and account for income and cost factors. My whole idea is to nurture recycling creating jobs,and educationing people in how they can be more environmentally conscious of their actions as far as the environmental concerns. Then i would survey the group for continued support in recycling by collecting more of the recyclables for other goals or programs.this idea would also creat possible jobs in recycling as well as incomes for both the collectors and and collectees involved.We could then close the circle in total recycling and stop outsourcing of jobs to other countries.

Good luck, I hope you can make money out of it.

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