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I am trying to find some places to request donations for a non profit organization. Can anyone help me?

I am a Daisy Girlscout leader. The troop is comprised of kindergarten girls who are not allowed to do any fundraising due to their age. So we must rely on the kindness of other to help pay for supplies, badges, pins etc. Thank you for any help.

If you have a blog or website, you can use technology to help you raise funds. There are several tools out there. One tool that I recommend would be Chip In:

You can add a widget to your blog or website and have your local community, parents, and friends help you with donations on-line, or you can e-mail all of your contacts with a link to request a donation.

Many local businesses also provide support for local groups. For example, several local restaurants have donation programs for groups like yours. I recently was able to gather donations just by asking to talk to the General Managers of local chain restaurants, retailers, hotels, etc.

Good luck!

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