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untied states coast gaurd or navy?

I'm a 16 year old physically fit and a strong swimmer i love the ocean and i want to save people but i want a job that i can jump into after i leave the military but i dont have all that good of a gpa because i was slacking off in high school but i am a smart kid im not really worried about the basic training because I'm very strong willed so i would really love to know what you have to say.
i have no clue what the second person was trying to mean. but the first guy i have the balls i just don't know
thank you fox116

Wow, Prada sounds like a complete ignorant fool, don't listen to that garbage. I'm also 16 and this looks a lot like my situation. I slacked off a little bit freshman and sophomore year but this year I got all straight A's because I realized that I wanted to be in the Navy and starting working towards my goal. I also started out wanting to save people but now I am aiming more towards going to the Middle East and fighting terrorists. An excellent job that fits your description is SAR(Search and Rescue) for the Coast Guard and also CSAR(Combat Search and Rescue) for the Navy. These both require you to be very physically fit which you said you have so you should be good. I am also looking to the same direction as you so I know where your coming from. Good Luck

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