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Gun safe dehumidifier?

My clothes dryer vents into the garage, where my gun safe is, and it is causing a lot of condensation to build up on my guns, almost enough to form droplets. Would a dehumidifier be enough to get rid of this much moisture and what kind should I get?

Im also working on getting the dryer vented somewhere else, but I am on a limited budget

Venting into the dwelling/garage is a code violation. This will cause the sheet rock and insualtion to build up moisture and mold that will make it sag and separate from the walls.

Your rifles are already ruined - especially the ones with a wood stock. No doubt it will take a year or two in a safe with 0 humidity and a proper heater to see exactly what the final destruction is. The wood absorbes the the moisture and this will cause it to expand and warp. As the wood warps it will push, pull, and stress the receiver and barrel where they touch. Causes the gun to become inaccurate. When you fix the vent and the humitidy goes back to normal - the wood probably won't - and if it does, it will probably crack.

If you have AR-15's - look for the tell tale white powder of oxidized aluminum. This is your gun turning to powder.

All the internals of you guns need to be cleaned, dried, and wiped down with oil.

You should move the guns indoors asap, and the safe next.

Most safe dehumidifiers are only 8w to 12w. You are gonna need nothing short of a 50 to 75watt reptile heater found in pet shops to help with your problem. Might not solve it, you may need two.

At the bottom of your safe you are going to find a hole for these heater wires. Be sure to visit any electrical supply shop or stop by any electrician and ask for a handfull of 'FireStop'. This is a red fire resistant putty you use to plug up that hole after the wires and pulled in. This will help keep the moisture out. That, and get some camper tape used to keep the topper sealed to the bed of a p/u truck. Put that around the door of the safe to seal the water out too - but - do this a few weeks after you have chased out all the water. No sense making your guns live in a hot humid jungle!!

Hope this helps

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