Rescue Swat

How Long Will it take until Mexico's bloody drug wars effect the USA?

The Drug lords kidnap innocent hard working peoples children and hold them for ransom
But there is no special rescue swat team to save them
you either pay or your children die
Then they do it to your neighbor
Mexico has no control what so ever in the bloody battle which leaves hundreds dead, decapitated, or dismembered daily
1/5 of them are police officers and members of the Mexican army
2/5 of them are innocent people
the rest is that battle amongst each other
Not all, but a huge part of the Government is corrupt


the other day i read in the newspaper that these same drug lords came crossed our borders and came to my small town in northern Nevada kidnapped a man and told his wife "this man made a mistake in Tijuana"

They found him in a canyon with his throat slit
The police will never be able to find those men

any suggestions?
and this seems like terrorism
just closer to us

They showed this on the history channel last week-end and i could not believe how these people act and kill for the FUN of killing and torture and kidnap people and kids for millions of dollars ransom' and these people are poor like i am' and the police have joined also with the drug runners ' as if they don't they will get their families all killed and maybe tortured for fun.The FEDS need to do something asap as it is coming to a town near us and all around the USA and everyone is a target rather rich or poor..It scares the crap out of me' as they showed that they love to decapitated people just for warnings to abide by the rules they put out.I will go to Canada before i will bow too these devil monsters.

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