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The Many Uses for Longspan Shelving

Garage shelving is the ideal solution to storing all the paraphernalia that seems to end up in the garage. Sometimes we can barely fit the car in; there is so much other stuff in there. When everything is stored on the floor it takes away safe space from around the car and poses a tripping hazard as well as a good place for vermin such as cockroaches and mice to live. It is difficult and inconvenient to get in and out of the car if you have to dodge stuff on the floor.

It is not easy to erect shelving in the garage, but longspan shelving might be the ideal solution. You can have racks going right across the garage at the end, or along the side, depending on the size and shape of your garage. This kind of shelving is freestanding, thus there is no need to get a builder in to attach it to the floor or walls. It can have three or four shelves and so will hold a great amount of goods – all up off the floor.

Pallet racking is another means of storage, but is used for storing goods that are already packed onto pallets. It is generally used in businesses where goods are made and transported on pallets. Pallet racking increases your storage area by a great deal as the pallets can be lifted up onto high shelves with a forklift. Pallet racking companies in Queensland make many types of heavy quality pallet racking that is suitable for many different kinds of storage needs.

Since the goods are ready-packed on pallets, this kind of storage solution does not need solid shelving, but there is usually the option of adding solid shelving if required. Pallet racking and longspan shelving are frequently used in industrial application where storage is needed, but certain kinds can also be used in the office to provide covered storage where necessary.

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