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Can I get your help with supernatural powers ideas?

Hey :}
I'm writing a supernatural novel and I'm not sure what powers to give to my protagonist.
She's a human with angel blood in her.

Can someone help me with ideas on what powers to give her? I'm stumped on what too.

Thank you :}

Hmmmm...half-angel. Well, I won't remark on that, but will instead suggest some of the abilities of angels as described in the Bible

Cherubim - winged, sphinx-like angels (having an four-footed animal body)
- flight
- sword use (flaming sword, if I remember correctly, though other angels also have flaming weapons and chariots)
- either the escort of God or the creatures who pulled the chariot of God

Seraphim - 6 wings, but I believe otherwise human in appearance
- other than flight, I don't recall any special powers

burning bush - yes, the burning bush was an angel
- looked like a bush that was burning but was not consumed by the flames

typical angel / angel of Yahweh - identical in appearance to a man
- ability to blind a group of people
- ability to foresee the future
- ability to "persuade" individual people (like hypnotic suggestion?)
- perhaps, invisibility
- one angel, upon making a sacrificial fire, revealed wings of flame and arose from the ground on those wings from within the fire itself. This is the only case I know of an angel changing appearance in the Bible.

warrior angels / death angels
- able to rout armies of thousands
- able to strike thousands with a deadly plague
- able to kill thousands of particular individuals (like the firstborn of Egypt) without harming others

Raphael - looks like a man, often identified as an archangel
- has knowledge of remedies - what we might call supernatural remedies and regular remedies; for example, natural substances that can drive off demons; natural substances that can cure specific diseases

- able to appear in a vision or dream and deliver a message


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