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Help with guitar picking from the elbow?

My instructor always says that if you pick by moving your wrist you'll neve fully maximize your speed in picking so you must pick from the elbow... So any advice or help on how to start that and break the old habit?

I too have never heard of this method

But if you really want to play with speed and accuracy you must use your wrist and learn how to alternate pick, your arm for the most part shouldn't move much at all the key to being fast is minimizing your movements and not wasting your energy if you use your elbow you will waste your energy and your time once you go over all of the strings you have to retract you arm and even though it is a fraction of a second doing this in most cases this can cause you to get off your timing and that can screw up the rest of the song and you will tire very fast using your elbow and the rest of your arm, then string skipping would be very difficult to preform

I don't know why your instructor told you to do this but it doesn't seem to be the right method

Maybe ask him why use that method and for him to explain it to you

~Later Guitar Doctor

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