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Why are things that were made 20 year ago more durable than things made now?

Seriously. Things my parents had from when they got married 27 years ago is lasting longer than the things I got when I was married 5 years ago! Is the human work ethic now so poor that everything is just made half-a**?

This is not only due to outsourcing, but the way products are made.

Corporations and small companies are building products that have a lifespan in them so you have to buy that product again in a few years once it wears out.

Years ago, when you bought something it was built to last. Not anymore.

The new stuff might look nicer, more fancier, have more features and be a bit cheaper (adjusting for inflation), but, in reality, your getting junk compared to what was built before.

I never try to buy multi-function products, only stand alone products. Why buy something that has a muti-use function, only to have 1 part of it break?

Its just one of the ways companies are bilking the consumer.

We just got rid of a Frig we had in the house for years. We replaced it with a Frig that even the store told us wouldn't last as long, not even half as long. This goes for all major appliances as well as anything you buy from that of a stereo system, to a TV, to a garage door opener.

In fact, I try not to buy anything from a store. You'll see me in the Flea Markets first looking for older stuff that is built rugged and I test it first before I get it.

As a matter of fact, when you build a house,new construction, they have built into it a lifespan now, usually 40 years or less.

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