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How to make raised/3D logos in carpet?

I'm building a false floor for my trunk. How do I make 3d/raised logos or letters in the carpet?

luckily you dont need stitching for this great looking, yet easy detail if using carpet you will need to make your shape a little thicker, when using carpet, try using 1/2'' or 5/8'' mdf
cut out your pattern and attach it to wherever you want it. I recomend using a counter top laminate glue for all of my upholstery work, spray it to the carpet and the surface of the area, the glue will stick to itself, so make sure its completely coverd, an lay firmly (with tension) across the area to be carpeted. at this point use a hard object with a straight edge, like a screwdriver or something of that nature to press the material around the object cut out making sure to press it firmly to the side of the object, after going all the way around it should give the desired 3d effect. If using vinyl I like to use original dynamat to make my shapes, cut out with an exactop blade, using the same glue and a heat gun, follow the above directions, except instead of a screwdriver, use mechanic gloves and use your fingers, again use a heat gun on the edges of the logo to make sure it forms without wrinkles..... good luck and have fun

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