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What is the best protection for .22 rifle shooting?


I have recently started shooting small bore (.22) rimfire rifles and was wondering what level of hearing protection should I purchase.

The NSRA recommend these ear protectors:

These defenders are rated to SNR 27.

I have some lazer lite ear plugs, rated to SNR 35:

My question is will the lazer lite ear plugs provide better protection than the ear defenders- and are they both good for use in small bore shooting?


Anyone who tells you you don't need hearing protection for a .22 doesn't know what they're talking about and is looking to spend much of their life with a significant hearing deficit.

Outdoors, more is better, so the ear plugs at 35 are better than the defenders at 27. You can probably get equally good ear plugs at your local drug store (chemist's) for a lot less money.

For indoor shooting, ear plugs are inadequate and the ear muff style is mandatory. The overpressure of firing the gun -- or other people in the same facility firing theirs -- can damage your hearing through the mastoid bone, even though you won't feel it, so you need something that covers and protects it.

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