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Residential electrical feeder conductor questions (CA)?

I am about to get the permit on a large interior renovation
of an existing 5,000 sq.ft. house

A building inspector asked me a couple of questions as part of the plan-check and I don't have much
electrical expertise. I was wondering if you could help me answering them:

The existing house has a 125 amp panel.
The inspectors asks for a new 200 amp service
Then he asks I put on the plans:

1) Provide feeder conductor sizes for any sub-panels
2) Provide detail illustrating service grounding (electrode types and conductor sizes)

Can you guys help me here? Thank you much kiss kiss
As mentioned, this is part of the plan check. There's is no builder as of yet of course I will let these guys deal with that afterward. But first I need to get the building permit and answer these comments.

5000' Sq. Ft is a fairly large house.
He's required a 200A service. It makes sense. Give it to him.
That goes to your New main 200 A. C.B/disconnect switch and panel.
If you want to save the existing 125A panel, sub-feed it from the new main.
( The service ground connection must be moved from the old panel to the new main panel.
You can leave grounding wire in place, but neutral bonding must be at main panel only.
You will need an new isolated neutral bar.)
Size any sub-feeders to any sub distribution equipment to match the
over-current devices protecting them.
In practice, size the feeder for full panel bus capacity.
150 A. # 2/0 Cu.
100 A. #2 Cu.
60 A.. # 6 Cu.
(If run to sub panel is 100' or more, bump it up one size in consideration of
possible voltage drop.)

Hint: If further renovation is contemplated, a length of large EMT 1 1/2" or so,
from any recessed panel, to a pull-box in a wiring accessible space pays off big time.

Your service ground depends on soil conditions, but I'd go with at least two
6' driven ground rods, at least 2 M apart and bonding to water service or well casing.
use #4 bare Cu min.

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