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Need a professional contractor to answer range hood question?

We're having our kitchen redone. The range hood we choose does not line up with the existing outside hole (excuse my lack of professional terminology here). One solution proposed is to redirect the air by creating a series of right angle turns (so things would line up). If anyone is actually following what I'm saying, can you please let me know if this is a good idea? Do I need to worry about condensation building up in these "tunnels?" Thanks.

It's not uncommon to have a few inches offset to deal with even with new construction. As aforementioned, do not use 90 degree sections. They make adjustable sections that twist and align with the needed degree for installation. Also, they make flexible duct that can easily trasition between the two. Be sure and seal the connection points with a foil-backed HVAC tape to insure against air leaks. Doing the above I have never had condensation problems and Texas is extremely humid.

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