Handcuff Holder

I want to be Lt. Dangle reno 911 Miami and need accurate patches, badge, and costume, where can I find them?

I think I can get the shirt taylored as well as the black stripe on the shorts, but the tough thing for me will be the gun belt/holdster and accurate patches and badge from the movie. I want to be the first to do the Reno 911 Miami character. Please help if you have any info at all on where to find these?
I essentially could go in his basic reno sheriff outfit but want to be different, let me know

I think I am going as Deputy Clementine Johnson this year, so I have started also searching for my costume. They make a story bought costume this year. I personally am not a fan of store bought costumes so I have also been looking at what I can put together. I have found ebay has Reno sheriff dept badges. I also did just a seach for police unifom and found that those suppliers have both the uniform and the accessorys like the belts, handcuff holders and gun holster.

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