Glass Breaking

My Computer keeps playing weird music and I can hear people talking?

When I leave my computer on for a while it will start playing music or I can hear really weird sounds like glass breaking and people talking when I don't have any programs running! It almost sounds like a horor movie or something and it is really creepin me out! (when the people talk the language is very vulgar so it is obviously not a radio station I am picking up) Does anybody have any idea what could be going on? Please only answer if you have the intentions of helping me out.

Microsoft's MSRT- Malicious Software Removal Tool

For the current list of malware from Microsoft that the most recent MSRT can detect & cure go here:
Includes: Banload• Conficker

If you have downloaded the most recent MSRT from Microsoft (from the monthly 'Cycle Update'):
Right click the desktop > New> Shortcut; then type in " MSRT " (sans quote), a shortcut will be made directly to run the tool.
This will identify known malware, and corrective action taken.

Has full UI; quick scan takes 5 minutes; full scan is much longer.
Gives results of scans, checks e-mail, etc.
Very handy set-up.

For download of the MSRT, go here:

On line scan also available.

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