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altoid survival kit???

what should pocket knife could i fit in it. (and what else could i put in it including a pocket knife) please make a list or a list of websites. remember it has to fit inside an altoid tin. please help thanx

First, understand that an Altoids tin survival kit is not a replacement for a full set of survival gear. Rather, it is for the dire situation when you've lost everything else you're carrying except what was in your pockets.

The problem with an Altoids tin is both space and rigidity, making it difficult to accommodate larger items. Generally, a knife is not included in the tin, but would be an item you carry separately. The same is true for a flashlight. However, there are some options you might consider if you're willing to give up space for other supplies:

* Victorniox Swiss Army Classic
* Gerber EAB folding utility knife

The Swiss Army Classic has the benefit of scissors, file, flat screwdriver, toothpick and tweezers, while the CRKT RSK Mk5 has a much stronger knife blade. The Gerber uses standard utility razor blades so it's easy to carry a spare.

* eGear Pico LED flashlight
* Photon MicroLight II
* Countycomm Maratac 1xAAA

The Countycomm Maratac 1xAAA is the largest of the bunch but runs off a standard AAA battery and provides brighter light on high, and longer run-time on low than the other lights. The eGear and Photon use hearing-aid style batteries.

But, as mentioned above, most Altoids-tin survival kits leave out the flashlight entirely, and include either single-edge razor blades or #22 or #23 scalpel blades instead due to size constraints.

Inclusion of first aid supplies is the subject of debate, as there's not much you can pack into an Altoids tin that is likely to make a difference in your short-term survival. Some disinfectant wipes, a few band aids, small gauze pad, piece of moleskin, a couple of antibiotic packets, some Advil or Tylenol, a couple of Imodium and Benadryl are common first aid items, but they'll consume space and aren't likely to save your life (note that the antibiotic ointment and disinfectant wipes might be useful as tinder to start a fire). You might include a suture kit, but without hemostats or needle-nose pliers, it can be difficult to use. Instead, I'd devote this space about 4 feet of duct tape wrapped flat around an old plastic ID or shoppers discount card. You can use the duct tape to close wounds, immobilized fractures, make a sling or a tourniquet, build shelter, fix gear, etc.

Stuff like a signal whistle, button compass, signal lens, Fresnel magnifying rectangle, golf pencil and a few sheets of Rite-In-The-Rain waterproof paper should definitely be in your kit. If you have room, a mini-Sharpie marker is also useful. Make an ultra-mini sewing kit with a couple of large sewing needles, two shirt buttons, four large safety pins and some white and black nylon thread.

From here on you need to consider where you'll be traveling to decide what other items are important. If you'll be in the wilderness, you'll want to include some NATO storm matches and a striker, a Spark-Lite or other kind of fire starter, some Tinder-Quick tabs or cotton balls saturated with petroleum jelly (Vaseline), at least 6 water purification tablets and some kind of container that will hold a full quart of water (the appropriate size for use with water purification tablets). Many people use plain, unlubricated latex condoms, but I find these difficult to handle and easily punctured. Breast milk bags work well, but are hard to fit in an Altoids tin. Reynolds oven bags seem to be the best choice, just cut them down and pre-mark them for 32oz. Many people also include braided fishing line and some fish hooks, sinkers, swivels and lures, but my opinion is that space can be better used. However, some stainless steel utility wire can be used to make animal snares, repair gear or help build shelter, so it's worth having. Also, some people put a wire saw (also called a commando saw) in their kit, but having tried to use one of these things, I'm not sure it's worth the space.

If you're in an urban environment you'll likely be able to find all the food, water and heat you need just a few blocks or miles from wherever you are at the moment. Instead, having some emergency cash ($20-30 in small bills), $2 in quarters, a mass transit fare card and a small street map showing bus and train routes would be useful.

Once you put together your kit keep it in your pocket at all times and use it whenever the opportunity arises.

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