Firefighter Emt

How hard would it be for me to become a paid firefighter?

For a 5'7 male with no previous experience. In good physical condition, and has to wear glasses do to having a astigmatism. Age? Early twenties.

Basically, is there a lot of job competition or is it just average?

Right now it's hard. With the economy and people out of work lots of people are applying. Don't be threatened by the number of applicants. Those can get weeded out pretty quick. I've been to tests with 3,000 people where they say no one is getting hired. After that half show up the next time and they hire a ton off the list. Smaller towns usually have less applicants. Most FD's now have some requirements (State Certified Firefighter, EMT/Paramedic, College, etc.) Start as a volunteer or part time paid member and let them pay for your certifications. Then apply for full time, career jobs. Keep testing and never get your heart set on one. You can be picky once you have a job. Good Luck

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