Fire Shelter

Why is it that people in our Country Helps everybody but its own?

I'm sitting here watching Geraldo At Large, they have a man on there that goes to Mexico every three weeks to take food & money. I just can't understand this because they say these people have nothing and can't do anything about it for they are poor!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for helping those in need but i can think of alot of homeless, abuse, and fire shelters here in Philadelphia alone that has the hardest time caring for helpless and poor people! Not to mention the foster children that needs homes, money and love. Use your time and money to help someone you know or someone in the U.S.

I'm completely with you on that one!

Go to Anytown USA and you'll find the needy. Think what all that money that went to Iraq could have done to resolve our OWN problems.

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