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How do i stop my hair from going frizzy after a shower?

i have very short wirey hair 2 round the sides and 4 on the top but every time i go for a shower i come out with spiky dry hair how do i stop this ? i male 😀 lol

Many people are mistaken when they think that ‘Frizzy hair’ is a hair type! But frizzy hair is not a hair type rather it is a condition which mostly affects those with wavy or curly hair. It can occur due to many reasons such as excessive brushing of the wavy or curly hair with a comb that has fine bristles or due to constant washing as shampoo can dry out hair or because of the change in the humidity content of the air such as in summers and winters.

Why does frizzy hair only affect those with wavy or curly hair?

To know the answer to this question, lets take a good look at the hair follicles. People with straight hair have straight hair follicles while those with curly or wavy hair have a bent hair follicle, which gives the waves or curls to their hair. Further wavy or curly hair, due to its shape forces the hair cuticles to lift or come undone, giving the hair a frizzy appearance!

Way to control/treat/get rid of frizzy hair

Frizzy Hair Do’s:

* Cut down your hair’s exposure to the sun and its ultraviolet rays which can damage your hair by taking away the moisture from it, making it appear dry and lifeless.
* deep conditioning helps frizzy hair Avoid doing any chemical treatments to your hair, such as coloring, straightening, perming etc, which can cause considerable damage to your hair texture and give rise to conditions such as split ends and dry hair, which make the hair weak and frizzy.
* A good way to control frizzy hair is to deep condition it every time you wash it. An important thing to remember is that deep conditioners are different from normal conditioners which can be rinsed off after 5 minutes of application; these are mostly thick in texture and should be left on for at least 10-15 minutes before being rinsed off.

A great way of maximizing the benefits of a deep condition is to wrap your hair up in a warm towel after applying the conditioner, as the warmth of the towel will help the conditioner in better penetration of the hair shaft.

* Another good tip for managing frizzy hair is to give it the hot oil treatment. Using olive oil is advised as it moisturizes your hair better than regular oils. After oiling your hair (especially the ends of your hair) cover it with a towel or a shower cap to retain the heat of the oil which helps it to seep into the scalp and reach the hair roots, nourishing them. Wash your hair after 15-30 minutes plus you might want to rinse your hair twice to remove all the oil as it seeps in quite deep.

Frizzy Hair Don’ts:

* Don’t leave your hair untied or even tightly tied up when it becomes frizzy. A loose bun left resting on the nape of your neck is the perfect hairstyle for those summers when the hair gets frizzy.
* frizzy hair donts Don’t wash your hair everyday with shampoo, as it tends to dry out the hair. And if you can’t go without washing your hair every day, try rinsing it with plain water and using a mild conditioner afterwards.
* Try and avoid treating your hair chemically, unless absolutely necessary. As doing so, damages the hair and gives rise to split ends, dry hair, frizzy hair and brittle hair that easily breaks off.
* Do not dry your hair by vigorously toweling it or with a dry blower set on ‘hot air’ flow. Instead to dry your hair, wrap it up in a warm towel for 10-15 minutes or just let it dry naturally.
* Don’t eat junk food, as like the skin our hair too requires nutrition for maintaining its health – shine, growth and strength.

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