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What do you feed a baby turtle?

My fiance and I have a baby turtle and we have no clue what kind it is (I think it's a snapping turtle, my fiance doesn't think so) or what to feed it. Help!

Unfortunately several of other the answers given will lead to your turtle being unhealthy or dead. It is VERY EASY to have the species identified. Post a pic here, do an image search, send a pic to or your local turtle club or Herp Society, say a geograhic location and general description of the area, say a description of features of the turtle. Did you find it in the water? Near water? How far from water? Does it have a high dome or low dome? Colors? Only then is it safe to give a recommended diet...with one exception...If it is almost any kind of water turtle, wood turtle, or box turtle a natural and healthy food for them is earthworms (available in your local dirt) not mealworms. Ask any good reptile vet. They will tell you all of the ways mealworms are paying off their student loans and mortgage payments. But all baby turtles need very high amounts of assimilable calcium earthworms don't have. has a baby turtle pellet food for raising hatchlings that addresses their needs perfectly. It's worth every penny. But please identify the species because snappers get really big and if it will get bigger than you can accomodate forever you should put it back now. If you release it later you could be responsible for infecting an entire habitat with pathogens and wipe out natural popuations of more than one species. Not to mention it is illegal to release it later in most states.

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