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High cellphone radiation level....!?

Our electronics teacher was testing out a new digital Geiger in class this morning and began measuring the radiation levels of our cellphones. Everyone's cellphones emitted normal amounts of radiation while making a call.

However... when my instructor measured my phone (Sony ericsson K550i) the readings were normal, but as soon as I made a call, there was a huge increase in the radiation level of my phone, and it STAYED at that level for the entire call(It did not drop back down like other phones). The radiation level crossed 1300 (Scale max). My instructor advised me to change my phone.

Im really worried coz I have been using my phone for about 3 years. Would there be any chances for cancer?

Btw... my cellphone emitted the highest amount of radiation in class.
I highly doubt it. Plus, my university is located in the city and my carrier's central tower was just a couple of blocks away, It had somewhat a high level of radiation as well.

If you don't keep use your phone like 1 hour a day you probably won't have any problem. All cellphone radiation level is controlled, because high radiation level will destroy the internal components of the phone itself.

If you are worry, change your phone. And here's some extra tips, use your left ear. It will deal less damage to brain .

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