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Why Commercial Carpet Cleaners are Best for Cleaning Hotel Premises?

Commercial carpet cleaners are used in hotels, homes, schools, retail areas, gyms, and any other commercial or personal space where there are carpets and upholstery to be cleaned. Hotels require sturdy commercial carpet cleaners, because there are often large stretches of carpet that need cleaning. Cleaning areas often include the front desk, guest rooms, hallways, dining areas, and more.

Low End Machines vs. High Quality Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Commercial carpet cleaners should be chosen with care. Most importantly, you should not purchase equipment meant for home use. There are many differences between home use and high end carpet cleaners for commercial use.

First, commercial carpet cleaners have higher temperature and pressure levels for more thorough cleaning. Commercial machines have temperatures of 150-210°F, while home use machines have much lower temperatures. High end carpet cleaners for commercial cleaning achieve pressure levels as high as 500 psi, far higher than non-commercial machines. Second, carpet cleaners used for cleaning hotels should be low flow. The concept of low flow and its benefits are explained later.

Third, carpet cleaners used for cleaning large commercial areas should have large solution and recovery tanks to ensure longer hours of uninterrupted operation. Many carpet cleaners used in commercial areas fill and dispose water through an automated process; thus increasing productivity.

Don’t overlook the carpet cleaning wand available with the carpet extractors. The wand is used for scrubbing the carpet as soapy water is applied to it. This process helps dislodge dirt from carpets.

Another application of the wand is vacuum extraction. As it cleans the carpet, the vacuum extraction feature removes the dirty water. Because the wand is in sustained contact with chemicals, dirt, and water at different temperatures, it is preferable to use a stainless steel wand, which does not rust or chip easily.

Upholstery wands are smaller than carpet wands. If you are going to use rug shampooers for cleaning a few carpets, a large 12-inch single jet wand would be sufficient. However, if the carpets are heavy or large in number, choose the more powerful dual jet wand.
Commercial carpet cleaner
machines used as upholstery cleaners are equipped with smaller 4-inch wands to clean seat and sofa covers, chairs, and cushions.

Low Flow

carpet cleaners
that reduce water consumption by using minimal water for cleaning are known as low flow machines. Using less water for cleaning has a number of benefits.

Lower Utility Bills: Lowering water consumption lowers utility bills, which can offer a huge advantage for hotels.

Fast drying: Low flow carpet extractors facilitate fast carpet drying. This in turn reduces the growth of molds and bacteria within carpets.

Convenience for Contractors: Contractors may not always have access to an unlimited supply of water particularly if they work on client location. Low flow
rug shampooers
solve the problem by eliminating the need to use many gallons of water.

Eco-Friendly: Reduced water consumption means less stress on natural water resources.

To make the carpet cleaning process even more eco-friendly, use a biodegradable, non-toxic carpet cleaning detergent with the machine.

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