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Getting DVDs onto iPods?

So, I know you can rip your DVDs with a software and convert it to a file that's iTunes friendly or whatever, but if I rip it onto my computer wouldn't it take up a lot of space, since movies are 1gb+? I can't delete it from my computer after I put it into my library, can I? Like when you try to play a song or something, how you get that error that says how your original file could not be found, if its not on your computer?

I'm not sure how clear I am on this, but basically I'm just wondering if I can get DVDs onto my iPod without taking up tons and tons of space on my computer.

This is for an iPod classic if it matters.

iPod Classic can playbeck the video with 640*480 resolution. In this resolution, a movie with about 2 hours is almost 800M, It's normal. WIth this tool( ) maybe can decrease the size. And if you had marked on "Manage your device manually", you needn't worry about whether you delete the movie in computer will have affect on your iPod Touch. If you do just drag movie in iPod instead of click sync. You can totally delete the movie in your computer.

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