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Swedish Fish VS. Sour Patch?

Which do you like more and why?

I ask this because my dad works for cadbury adams and i have loads of SF, SP, stride, and trident in my closet. =];_ylt=AiAps7IKpu_AK7U9cSk8gNnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080828185906AARrnXi

The Swedish Fish vs Sour Patch debate entirely depends on your mood for the day.

Both offer a wide selection of flavours (ok, four), few of which are at all fruit-like. However, it is the tang and texture that separates the two. Swedish Fish have more of a "tooth" to them - they are chewier without hurting my teeth. Sour Patch Kids have that super-sour coating of gritty sugar (spiked with Asorbic Acid). So, are you in a sweet mood or sweet-sour mood? Sour Patch Kids are great because they offer both! However, I can certainly eat more Swedish Fish in one sitting because they don't burn the skin off my inner cheeks and tongue after 4 bites.

So...I call it a draw.

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