Burglary Safe

what is a good safe to buy?

i want to buy a safe to store a firearm and other things in i want it to be good enough to where people cannot get inside it yet accessible by me if something were to happen and i needed it and how much would i spend?? any info helps thanks alot!

Combination safes, which are often featured on television, are popular choices. These safes are made up of two parts: a sturdy money chest inside an equally sturdy fire-resistant safe. They have a thick steel door and walls, along with a combination lock that includes a relocking device. They can be bolted to your floor or set in concrete, thus ensuring a burglar cannot move them.There are basically three types of safes; Burglary, fire and media.
If you want to protect your valuables against burglary, then you need
to purchase a burglary safe. If you want to protect against fire, you
need a safe that has a fire rating. Most fire/media safes don't
provide the necessary properties to protect against forced (burglary)
entry. Gun/Rifle safes will provide some protection against forced
entry but in most cases won't protect against fire, nor will your
insurance company accept most gun/rifle safe's rating to protect
against burglary or your 100k in property.

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