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I need some romantic ideas for a romance novel. Nothing too explict PLEASE!!?

I am beginning to write a romance novels and I need inspiration. What are some romantic experiences, fantasies, or just some character ideas. What would make a steamy love affair. Qualities in a sexy Hero or Heroine.

I'm not really into romances but here's an idea. A firefighter pulls this guy out of a burning building. Yeah, I said guy! and I'm not going there, really. He only knows the number the fire fighter had on the helmet and the last name stenciled across the back of the bunker coat. He's gratefull, want's to thank the person who saved him so he goes to the fire house to offer to buy his resquer a beer after 'his' shift is over. Never gets to see his resquer... maybe the engine or resque squad is out on another call so he leaves a message.....Then while he's waiting at the bar to thank his resquer in walks this beautiful woman who strikes up a conversation with him..yadda, yadda take it from there. The chick is, the fire fighter of course.
Then there's the idea of a female volunteer firefighter in a small town. A lot of gals join up just so they can spend time with thier guys who are also volunteers (Vol. firefighters often end up spending a LOT of time at the fire house). Then the gals find out they are as into firefighting as their quys!
Then there are the gal's (like me) who join cause they want to give back to thier community, to help out thier friends and neighbors when they are likely having the worst day ever. A lot of the gals go more into the Medical part(VFD's almost always run med calls too, just like a big city FD) But some prefer the fire fighting end. So there you have the opportunity for single guys and gals to meet in stressfull, even dangerouse conditions.
Sorry about any mis-spelling, couldn't get the spell check to work.

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