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I want to start a resturant floor cleaning buisness, how much money would i need to do that?

not only money advice, but any other pointers would be nice:-)

There are lot of areas to go into floor cleaning business. I have a one-stop janitorial business and we do floor maintenance as part of it. The only floor we do not clean or maintain is hardwood floor.

If you will only be doing linoleum, tile, granite, concrete, carpet floors, you will need more than just cleaning tools/supplies. For very basic cleaning tools/supplies, the most you need is $5000 without a van.

But to do deep floor cleaning (stripping, waxing, sealing), or carpet need equipments such as scrubber, stripping machine, fan blower, carpet cleaning machine, van, etc. Cost can range from anywhere b/w $10k to $15k, without a van.

My only pointers to you would be, get into the restaurant kitchen cleaning business. Lots of grease but lots of money to be made or start off with a small janitorial business focusing only towards commercial cleaning. Good luck.

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